Optimizing Geoscience and Drilling Operations through the Cloud

ROGII’s Solo Cloud is paving the way for E&P companies to optimize their day-to-day subsurface operations. Solo Cloud relies on a complex network of microservices hosted on AWS to give its users seamless, real-time access to 100,000’s of wells. ROGII is proud to be part of the Amazon Partner Network.

One of the most important aspects of Solo Cloud is the ability to have any number of end users edit and interpret the same exact dataset, at the same time, from any location. With state-of-the-art conflict resolution and comprehensive user rights management all covered under SOC 2 certification, operators have full control of their users and secure data storage.

All Projects in One Place

With Solo Cloud Data Manager you can store all your data in one place for access to the entire team. No more saving projects on a local or shared drive and now more emails with screen shots.

Automatic Data Loading

Within the Solo Cloud apps, you have the ability for automatic, real-time, data loading and project synchronization to ensure that everyone has access to the most recent data.

Mobile Access

Solo Cloud overs native iOS and Android apps for access to relevant, real-time data when on the move. No need to wait for static PDFs, have real-time results in your pocket, all the time.

Data Analytics

No longer is access to data for analytics complicated. Solo Cloud apps include automated and instantaneous access to real time data. There is a customized 2-Way API, Python SDK, and SQL Database Connector

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All ROGII solutions work together in Solo Cloud, which allows users to collaborate and share data in real-time.