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Struggling with real-time data? See how Solo Box helps solve common problems with WITSML™.

Data Outages or Server Downtime

Problem: Rig has temporarily lost internet connection or the Solo WITSML™ Store has undergone an unexpected outage. You’ve lost that real-time data during the blackout!

Solution: With Solo Box, internet disruptions won't cause data loss, as it collects and stores rig data onto its local database.

Being equipped with Auto Power On mode, Solo Box automatically turns on once power is restored. The stored and real-time data stream automatically resumes once an internet connection is reestablished.

Depth Shift Issues

Problem: Measurement While Drilling (MWD) tool logs are erroneously plotted against the bit depth or shifted to the wrong offset. Or even worse, the offset changes dynamically.

Solution: Solo Box features a customizable offset setting for each log. Just apply the offset value to a log and get the correct Bit To Survey and Bit To Gamma values.

Moreover, the offsets can be applied to the parameters that are being streamed in from the different WITS packets.

Bad Survey or Log Quality

Problem: Poor data quality is problematic and can impact the geosteering and drilling operations.

Solution: Solo Box can fix and smooth blocky logs.

Moreover, Solo WITSML™ Store can parse corrected LAS and survey files  from emails sent in by MWD crews or other 3rd parties, allowing you to avoid utilizing unvalidated data in your analysis.

Missing Channels or Logs

Problem: You are preparing to geosteer or monitor a well, but some of the logs or data channels are missing.

Solution: With Solo Box, you control streaming outputs. Apply customized mnemonics, units of measure, and descriptions to your streaming data channels. Create an easy-to-read data structures.

Solo Box does not clutter the Solo WITSML™ Store with hundreds of empty logs. The logs are created only if actual data are available.

Solo Box

Control Rig Data Aggregation from your Desk

No need to call the rig. No need to call a 3rd party provider. You can manage your entire Solo Box fleet from one easy-to-use web interface right from your office computer.

High Frequency Data Enabled Through a Modern Server

Real-time drilling analytics requires true 1-second data. Solo Box utilizes modern code with lossless compression to ensure you receive 1-second data even on low bandwidth connections.

EDR Vendor Independent

All rig data is streamed through Solo Box, independent of the EDR system provider. If you run multiple EDR systems across your fleet, or if you switch providers at any time, Solo Box will ensure that your data is streamed through a consistent Solo WITSML™ Store with standardized log mnemonics.

Solo WITSML™ Store

Automatically Parse LAS Files and Surveys from Emails and Store them on Solo WITSML™ Store

Useful for quick comparison of validated logs from the MWD software and  the raw logs coming from EDR in WITS format.

WITSML™ Objects Supported

Well & Wellbore (including multi-laterals), log, messages, changeLog, trajectory, mudLog.

Versions 1.3.1 and Supported
No Rate or User Limitations
Take control of your drilling data transmission right from the rig to the Solo WITSML™ Store and directly into Solo Cloud to work in one space with the entire team!

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