Asset-Wide Data Analysis

The data from your well will continue to teach you about your acreage and your operations long after you reach TD.

ROGII solutions have you covered from visualization and data modelling to regularly scheduled integration with your existing dashboards and databases.

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Project Setup
Geosteering Interpretations
Team Collaboration
Production Modeling
Data Integration
Analyzing your data doesn't need to be a complex chore. Solo Cloud allows you to leverage an evergreen database that is always ready to go!

Step 1. Instantly create projects

Use the Data Manager to visualize your entire asset and quickly create a project with your desired wells and offset data. With a Google Maps display and full data table, organizing your data has never been easier.

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Step 2. Model and Forecast Future Production

Easily access your asset-wide project in Solo Cloud and use 4Cast to analyze, model and forecast future production with machine learning algorithms!

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Plan future wells by drawing sticks that instantly populate in your gun barrel view with forecasted production. Development planning has never been more efficient.

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Leverage high resolution geosteering data and easily model your well attributes or lateral properties across your entire asset with the click of a button. Visualize all of your data across disciplines in a fast and seamless 3D environment.

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Step 3. Integrate Data Across Platforms

Easily leverage your Solo Cloud database to create and schedule custom data queries to Microsoft SQL, Snowflake, and more!

Step 4. High Quality Data in Real Time

Insights from data analysis are only as strong as the data we use to perform the analysis. With Solo Cloud, your database is updated and cleaned throughout every step of the E&P lifecycle.

Store and manage all your data in one dataset to sort, filter and organize projects with any well data at once!
Work in shared projects to speed up communication, save time and and take quick decisions
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Our solutions are designed to support your team and operations, no matter where you drill or what data you rely on most. Please contact us to learn more about how 4Cast and Solo Cloud can enhance your specific projects.
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Your data has more to teach you.

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All ROGII solutions work together in Solo Cloud, which allows users to collaborate and share data in real-time.