Geosteering on the Go

Don't let well operations tie you to your desk. Monitor your work on-the-go from wherever you are.

Available on any device, StarLite displays real-time data so you always have the most up-to-date information!

Look at Your Geosteering History

StarLite Rewind allows you to look back on your well’s geosteering history to better understand how and why decisions were made!

With Rewind, you can see decisions at every survey, target line or well plan change. Or simply click play to view the entire well from start to finish as a video.

Quickly and easily generate a PDF geosteering report at any point in time during the well's operation.

Instant Geosteering Statistics

Eliminate dated, static PDFs on long email distribution lists. StarLite provides the most important information including in-zone percentage, last survey, formation dip information all in real-time!

With full user access rights, you can decide what each member involved with well operations is able to see and change.

Chat with the Team

Built-in chat enables colleagues to centralize all communications. Avoid using multiple messaging platforms not specifically designed for well operations.

All messages are time and depth stamped and archived to the well.

Get Emergency Alerts

Set customizable alerts to be notified when certain triggers are met, allowing you to always be up to date.

Receive alerts via chat, email or SMS messaged.

Take Care of Yourself!

Long term computer use can lead to eye strain and discomfort. Toggle between light/ dark mode while working on a day/ night shift.

StarLite is developed for phone use. Easily resize, hide, zoom on certain objects to avoid any unnecessary strain on your eyes.

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You're reading this page on your internet browser or phone. Why not be able to check your well placement from the same device in real-time?

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