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Correlate Like a Pro

In a deep dive into the Panel and its uses, we'll learn about cross-section creation, editing, setup, scale changes, display features, landing, and Group Tree uses.

  • Cross-section setup
  • Well Correlation Mode and picking tops
  • Landing a well in correlation panel

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February 28, 2024
NOON -1:30 PM MST | 1-2:30 PM CST

When you have the most advanced geoscience tool used for any geosteering purpose, you can efficiently steer a well with a high in-zone percentage and simulate the geometry of your reservoir with various angles of inclination and faults with up to 100% reliability.

StarSteer does it all!

Sometimes the gamma ray contrast in your target zone is muted and unsuitable for geosteering. To avoid the risk of exiting the target zone, join the growing group of StarSteer users who are generating multi-layer Bed Boundary Mapping in real time!

In order to determine the position of the Oil Water Contact, StarSteer offers a unique, Vendor-Independent, Multilayer and Stochastic Reservoir Mapping Technology to help you keep your well in zone.

StarSteer's Auto Steer Tool makes geosteering easy. It's machine learning algorithm is trained on 1000s of wells across numerous reservoirs.

Users can also quickly and easily take formation tops from one well and automatically pick the same tops across any number of wells in the correlation panel!




Drilling Monitoring and Optimization

Display and analyze drilling data (time series and depth series) as well as other data types for drilling optimization and hazard detection.

Use DrillSpot analytical functionalities to enhance your decision making and customize data visualization!

Drilling Connection Time
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Cloud Data Management

Bring all data from each team into one central, organized location. No more duplicating files and migrating data from one source to another.

Quick, safe, simple with Solo Cloud!


How can you use all your geosteering, drilling, and other geoscience data from previously drilled wells?

With 4Cast, Solo Connect, and Python SDK you can use your data to analyze your asset, plan future wells and assess performance within your development area.

Production Forecast Modelling

Use 4Cast to integrate countless variables for modelling and forecasting future production with machine learning algorithms!

Gain a better understanding of which variables are most impactful on your production by automatically analyzing properties of the relevant wells.

Plan New

Integrate Geosteering interpretations with your Completions and Production data to plan new development.

Plan development locations in Map and Gun Barrel view in seconds using simple handy stick attributes.