Asset-Wide Analytics

Integrate countless variables from across disciplines for modelling and forecasting future production with machine learning algorithms!

With 4Cast, your data has more to teach you. Apply predictive models to enhance your decision making and truly optimize your operations.

Production Forecast Modelling

Integrate multi-disciplinary data to develop a robust predictive model and gain a better understanding of which variables are most impactful on your production.

Select your training data set to generate predictive machine learning production models in minutes!

Interrogate the model using a wide range of plots and metrics with heat maps and partial dependence plots to understand which variables have the greatest impact on production performance.

4Cast will help you decide what the optimal design is to maximize the production of your future wells.

Lateral Property Modelling

Calculate relevant properties across all lateral wells and easily visualize parameter variability within wells and across your project area.

4Cast functions enable you to model various petrophysical properties and parameters across every stage.

Completion Planning

Plan your completion stages for a single well, a pad, or all of your wells within the asset.

4Cast has the ability to space out your stages depending on the length of the lateral and the total number of desired fracs.

Complete wells by zone to automatically place stage boundaries within the same stratigraphic horizon.

Fracture Visualization

Create & manipulate a range of fracture ellipses and color them by any specific property (breakdown pressure, total fluid/proppant, injection rate etc.).

Customize and refine the geometry of each fracture ellipse and stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) across your laterals.

More Geometric Calculations

Calculate the distances between wells

Calculate the distances between neighboring wells horizontally, vertically, and tangentially on the fly to get high-resolution visualization of your current development.

Plan new development locations

In Map and Gun Barrel view using simple stick attributes.  Set up the completions and development parameters of the new locations.

Сalculate the overlap

Сalculate the overlap between stimulated rock volume (SRV) of nearby adjacent wells to output an absolute volume, or a percentage of overlap between all the wells in your asset.

Any Visualization

Synced selection between spreadsheets, plots, and the advanced 3D interface makes it easy to visualize data trends across an entire asset in seconds!
This is just a quick introduction to 4Cast. With machine learning algorithms, gain more information about your asset than you can ever imagine.

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