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Store, manage and visualize an unlimited number of wells on Google Maps. Create well lists through easy attribute and spatial queries. The future of data management is here!

Having your data in a structured cloud database enhances efficiency and speeds up workflows.
Get more done in less time!

Multi-Tiered Data Organization

Solo Data Manager has no data storage limitations. Users generate Virtual Projects, or subsets of data, through well filters and spatial selection, enabling you to add only the necessary data relevant to their current workflow to a project.

Any changes made by a user on a dataset are instantly shared and updated across all projects. No more duplicate files, vintages or versions!

Google Maps

Managing data is much easier when you can see it, making it easy and convenient to locate a well of interest.

The Solo Data Manager utilizes Google Maps imagery allowing users to choose between different base layers.

Once a well is selected, Solo's Well Insights allows users to examine any of the data stored within the well including well attributes, surveys, logs, tops, geosteering statistics and more. Quickly open the well in StarLite to get a detailed look at the data.

Table Layout

When compiling a dataset based on numerical filters, sorting and visualizing it in a table is the most effective. Data Manager provides a customizable table with quick and easy filter and sort functionality.

PetroNinja Collaboration

Public data base integration with PetroNinja now live on Solo Cloud! Seamlessly upload well data directly into your Solo organization and access it right away!

Easily visualize and examine all available well data from PetroNinja dataset to know more about your working pad.

Don't forget to add wells to your Solo project and visualize trajectories within a few seconds!

TGS Integration

TGS well data can be accessed within Data Manager application by enabling the TGS wells layer on the map to observe the diversity of the dataset. Logging into the user's respective TGS account provides seamless access to importing data directly into a project within Solo Cloud or examining it with the gun barrel plot feature.

To read more ->TGS and ROGII Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

Efficient Map Tools

Data Manager's built-in tools help our users quickly and efficiently manage their projects. Building projects is a dynamic workflow. Easily add or remove wells at any stage in your operations.
Select Wells

Instantly select wells you need for quick analysis by selecting them in Map View and creating a Virtual Project.

Measure Distance

Measure well to well, well to lease boundary, pad to road etc. distances interactively in Map View.

Base Layers for Well Planning

Choose the base layer that best suites your current needs. Quickly check topography, water features or roads when choosing your next pad location.

With Data Manager all of your data is secure and available for multi-disciplinary real-time, collaboration. Did we mention there are also different access rights depending on a user's role within the organization?

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