A Cloud Solution Designed for Today's Oil & Gas Industry

Solo Cloud seamlessly integrates your team and your data in a modern environment that empowers you to work more efficiently.

Unparalleled Collaboration

Solo Cloud allows multiple users to work together on the same dataset at the same time. No more static flat file data sharing, saving projects to shared drives, or screen sharing.

Automatic data loading and project synchronization ensure that everyone has access to recent data with as few clicks as possible

Dynamic, real-time database equips multiple users to work together simultaneously on one project from different devices

Continuous cloud backup allows for business continuity and effortless disaster recovery

Maintained and supported on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Geosteering on the go!

Never stop monitoring your well, wherever you are! Track real-time interpretations from any device and stay informed around the clock.

Rewind Report

Ever wonder why a certain drilling decision was made while you were off shift? Use StarLite Rewind to see historical changes of geosteering interpretation, target lines, well plans and more.

Instantaneous Data Synchronization

Gone are the days of relying on screenshots to create or receive static reports. StarLite is a dynamic, real-time reporting platform for teams who want access to data before its outdated.

Customized Alerts

Stay aware of critical well operations, no matter what you're working on. Let our custom Solo Alerts notify you when it's time to check in with your well.

Built-In Chat

Leave comments, notes or messages for other users in the chat. Messages are tagged by depth and time and archived forever!

Data Manager

You shouldn't have to click through multiple folders to find the data you need. With the Data Manager, your data is never out of sight or out of mind.

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Individual access rights on an organization and project level

Search, sort, and filter all data at once

Integrated table view and Google Maps interface

Access from any device, anywhere, any time

Solo Box &Solo WITSML™ Server

Access to clean, standardized data is more important now than ever. Take full control of your drilling data by transmitting from the rig to ROGII's proprietary Solo WITSML™ Server and directly into Solo Cloud.

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Automatically import WITSML objects, LWD, MWD, mudlogs, drilling parameters, and more

EDR vendor independent

Automatically filter out noisy data

Supports WITSML 1.4 and 1.3 Formats

Solo Connect

Put your data to work in other environments with a dynamic connection between Solo Cloud and Microsoft SQL, Snowflake, and more.

Solo Connect allows you to create and schedule custom data pulls with a few easy clicks.

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Multiple tables

Customizable profiles

Evergreen Databases

Solo Connect can be installed locally or as a SaaS solution

How will you move forward? With Solo Cloud, the choice is yours!
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