Seamless Data Connections

We believe in data accessibility. Solo Connect ensures any data stored in Solo Cloud can be connected to 3rd Party or internal databases for an evergreen data stream.

Define custom data queries or simply pull all data from Solo Cloud. Data queries are dynamic!
Establish connection to Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Snowflake Database
Analyze resulting data in your favorite analytics package.
Integrated analytics gives you the power to truly understand your asset, track performance, and predict the future!

Determine Best Drilling Targets

Solo Connect merges your drilling, geoscience, and geosteering datasets. Perform efficient analysis and identify which part of your reservoir drills best.

Expand your analytics from single well, to a single pad, to your entire asset. There are no data limitations.

Analyze Reservoir Data on Scatter Plots

Utilize Solo Connect to forward data from any geosteering or drilling project and visualize relationships between desired values on a scatter chart.

Solo Connect keeps an evergreen database where new data is added to the project as it matures regardless of the amount of users working simultaneously on one project.

Create Comprehensive Well Reports

Rapidly generate  landing, mid lateral, and end of well reports focusing on well placement  and drilling analytics data.

Well level attributes (rig type, BHA, personnel, etc.) can be pulled pulled from an internal database and combined with Solo Connect extracted data into a single report.

Build Geosteering Dashboards

Analyze all available geosteering and drilling data in near real time as well as oil & gas KPIs over time by region and product type.

Solo Connect constantly pushes all available data to any analytical platform via an updated SQL database allowing for continuously refreshed analyses.

The graphics presented on the page are not an interface of the Solo Connect software and are provided solely for the purpose of displaying sample results.

There is no limit to analytics.
Use Solo Connect to explore new discoveries in your oil & gas business!
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With Solo Connect quickly integrate your upstream data into any analytical platform.

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