What We Do

We provide comprehensive solutions that improve exploration, drilling and production in real-time for the Oil & Gas industry worldwide

How We Do It

We develop products with our users in mind. Our team focuses on improving and automating industry technology to optimize well operations and day to day workflows.

Lateral wells worldwide are being drilled with StarSteer
Clients worldwide
Wells are stored on Solo Cloud

As the industry continues to evolve, so do our goals.
We are proud to look back and show you all that we have accomplished over the past several years of hard work!


ROGII Inc. was established in Houston, TX inspired by the idea of creating a revolutionary product for the geosteering community around the world.

Eager to make an impact in the geosteering market, ROGII Inc founders put immeasurable effort into the Minimum Viable Product.


First release of StarSteer Minimum Viable Product (MVP): geosteering software that will further change industry standards. First demo trials and constant improvement of StarSteer 2014.0.


First StarSteer commercial sale 一 a huge milestone for a small ROGII team.


First StarSteer commercial sale in Canada. Solo Cloud was first conceived and development commenced.


ROGII introduces Solo Cloud and StarLite - collaborative environments that connect teams to work together on the same dataset at the same time.

Business expansion: opening office in Argentina.

61 clients, 2000 wells on Solo Cloud, 16% laterals are drilled with StarSteer. Offshore Western Europe first project.


First Australian StarSteer user.

Business expansion: Canadian office.

NOC offshore.


Introduces Assisted Geosteering - the first auto-geosteering module on the market based on the machine learning algorithms.

StarFrac (now 4Cast) development, a fully integrated asset management and predictive modeling software.

268 clients, 115 000 wells on Solo Cloud, 35% laterals are drilled with StarSteer.


Introduction of Resistivity Module - first in its class vendor-neutral approach.

Creating connector products - Solo Feed and Solo Connect to store, organize, and utilize data for efficient work. Launch of Solo RTM (now DrillSpot) – the way of bridging the gap between geosteering and drilling engineers.

Business expansion: new offices in Qatar, Kazakhstan.


StarSteer is the leading geosteering software on the market with the first vendor-independent stochastic inversion.

Solo Cloud, RTM, 4Cast, Solo Box & WITSML Server, StarSteer, DTM, StarLite and Solo Connect are used in more than 19 countries worldwide.

350+ clients, 420 000 wells on Solo Cloud, 60% laterals are drilled with StarSteer.


First commercial sales of Solo Box & WITSML Server in USA, Canada and Middle East.

Release of the game changing features: Dynamic Logs in StarSteer, Object tree and Custom views in StarLite.

StarLite Android release.

Our Presence

Calgary, Canada
Janelle Springer
Canada General Manager
Houston, USA
Tiffani Kennedy
US/Europe BD Manager
Tabasco, Mexico
Gabriela Roa
Mexico General Manager
Bogota, Colombia
Jair Sarmiento
Colombia Technical
Sales Representative
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rafael Aguilar
Latin America
General Manager
Algeria, Algeria
Lamri Benmehdi
Algeria Technical
Sales Representative
Stavanger, Norway
Alexandra Zaputlyaeva
Norway Business
Development Manager
Doha, Qatar
Dieter Krott
Middle East Manager
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Kirill Ronzhin
KSA & UAE General Manager
Astana, Kazakhstan
Damir Skorokhodov
Kazakhstan General Manager
Denver, USA
Jason Edwards
Account Executive,
Dallas, USA
Ryan Schmitt
Account Executive,
Dallas Fort Worth
Oklahoma, USA
Mike Wood
Account Executive,
Southwest Region
Houston, USA (Headquarters)
11750 Katy Freeway, Suite 1010, Houston, Texas, 77079
Denver, USA
1630 Welton Street, 9th Floor Conference Room, Denver, CO 80202
Calgary, Canada
500 4 Ave SW, Suite 1805
Calgary, AB T2P 2V6
Doha, Qatar
First Floor, Office No. 101Building 19, Zone 26,894 Al Khalidiya Street
Perth, Australia
(Petrosys Pty Ltd)
Suite 178, Level 5, Equus Building 580 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000
Tabasco, Mexico
Puerta Azul 41, Colonia las Puertas, Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico 86039
Astana, Kazakhstan
Beibitshilik street, Building 14, Office 907 Nur-Sultan, Saryarka District, 010000
Beijing, China
No. 6-7C232, Taiyanggong South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Office C104B Level 1,
Al Bateen Tower C6
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Stavanger, Norway
Bjergsted Terrasse, 4007 Stavanger
Istanbul, Turkey
Destegul Street, Suite No: 1/1, Level 3, Cinar Plaza
Kyaithane, Istanbul, 34418
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1150. Office 202-C. C1107AAV, CABA


Igor Uvarov
Chief Executive Officer
Igor Kuvaev
Chief Technical Officer
John Granmayeh
General Counsel
Julian Stahl
VP of Global Sales
Sergey Lebedev
VP of Products
Kamilla Niz
VP of Administration & HR
Tiffani Kennedy
USA/Europe General Manager
Janelle Springer
Canada General Manager
Rafael Aguilar
Latin America General Manager
Dieter Krott
Middle East & Qatar General Manager
Kirill Ronzhin
KSA & UAE General Manager
Alexandra Zaputlyaeva
Norway Business Development Manager
Gerardo Gutierrez
Argentina Country Manager
Jair Sarmiento
Colombia Technical Sales Representative
Lamri Benmehdi
Algeria Technical Sales Representative
Gabriela Roa
Mexico General Manager
Damir Skorokhodov
Kazakhstan General Manager
Jeff Kriz
Technical Support Lead  


Earth Science Agency

“StarSteer’s Assisted Geosteering provided efficient results in the Midland Basin comparable to our own interpretations. We are very pleased with this innovative technology and see it as a beneficial tool for second opinions and resteer projects.”

Hannah Hubert
Operations Geology Manager
Freedom Oil & Gas

“The Solo service has been a fantastic addition. It has made communication among the geoscientists seamless, allowing us to focus on interpretation rather than moving data around. I have no interest in steering a well without it!”

Matthew Fox
Operations Geologist
Cabra Consulting Ltd.

“Starsteer has replaced convoluted Excel Workbooks and common made human errors with a straight forward data management software. At its simplest, visualizing where you are geographically, and the more complex providing an interpretation of lithology in real time. Starsteer enables better communication among the entire execution team whether it be multi-leg horizontals or interpreting complex structure.”

Adam MacDonald
Senior Field Geoscientist
Calyx Energy III, LLC

“StarSteer is a step above the other industry options. From how easy it is to set up a project/pad/well to using the data analytics post well. The team has been great in tech support and discussing/showing off new features. They listen to clients about features needed and always seem to be adding as many new features as they can. They don’t release buggy software and have been quick in turning around any issue my team has had. Overall StarSteer makes my job easier.”

Dusty Flatt
Senior Drilling Advisor

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