Geosteering Operations

Steering a well is about much more than stretching and squeezing your gamma.

ROGII solutions are designed to support your operations from pre-spud to TD!

Step 1. Aggregate Rig Data

Aggregate all of your rig data — from mudlogs to LWD/MWD -- via Solo Box and seamlessly stream compressed data to ROGII's Solo WITSML™ Store.

Using proprietary algorithms and machine learning, our Solo WITSML™ Store will automatically filter all noisy data and convert it to WITSML standard for further streaming.

Step 2. Build Geosteering Models

Put StarSteer to work by creating pre-job models, well plans, stochastic resistivity inversions, automatic geosteering interpretations, and more!

Seamless Data Integration

Quickly import all your data from WITSML Server or simply drag & drop LAS files and spreadsheets

Build Geosteering Models

Use strat-based and model-based approaches for building a geosteering model with appropriate dips, faults and thickness changes

Calculate Distance to Boundary

Calculate distance to bed boundary for proactive geosteering with two-layer resistivity inversion

Run Multilayer Stochastic Inversion

If your BHA includes deep or ultra deep resistivity tools, run stochastic inversion for multilayer bed boundary mapping

Use Auto Steer as a Second Opinion

Run Auto Steer for a second opinion, to resteer historic wells, to quickly compare to an offset well, or to give yourself time to work on other projects

StarSteer is developed with you in mind. Comprehensive data integration, a user-friendly interface, and functionality for the entire team are what makes StarSteer the most robust geosteering solution in the world.

Step 3. Optimize Your Teamwork

Collaborate with the entire team to work on shared datasets and wells in real-time by connecting StarSteer to Solo Cloud!

Store and manage all your data in one dataset to sort, filter and organize projects with any well data at once!
Work in shared projects to speed up communication, save time and make efficient decisions
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Step 4. Monitor Your Well on-the-go

Drilling operations don't stop when your working day is over! StarLite enables you monitor your geosteering progress while vacationing, playing sports, enjoying time at home, or travelling.

StarLite is a live reporting tool that eliminates the need for static PDF reports. Say goodbye to screenshots and say hello to dynamic, real-time data sharing.

Wondering why a specific drilling decision was made while you were away? Use StarLite Rewind to see historical changes of geosteering interpretations from spud to TD!

Our solutions are designed to support your team and operations, no matter where you drill or what data you rely on most. Please contact us to learn more about how Solo Box, StarSteer, StarLite and Solo Cloud can complement your specific projects.
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