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Stochastic Inversion

Take control of your pre-job, real-time, post-job resistivity workflows with vendor independent multilayer inversion.
Forward modelled resistivity response in minutes.

Simultaneously compare different vendors tool response against your specific reservoir geology to identify the most suitable tool and resistivity curves.

Proactive decision making with accurate bed boundary detection.

Monitor accuracy with P10, P50, P90 confidence inversion.

Fast post-well analysis.

Incorporate all memory data to create high accuracy final inversions. Deploy the inversion module on High Performance Computing (HPC) devices for fast results.

StarSteer supports ultra-deep and deep azimuthal resistivity tools --- GeoSphere HD, VisiTrak, Periscope HD, AziTrak, GuideWave, ADR and more.

2-Layer Deterministic Inversion

Get more information from a simple propagation resistivity tool through 2-layer bed boundary mapping in real-time

Bed Boundary Detection

Calculate the distance to bed boundary in real-time to prevent exiting the target zone and staying in the reservoir

Set up phase shift and attenuation curves
from non-azimuthal tools, interval length and parameters for conducting 2-layer boundary mapping in real-time

Simple Forward Resistivity Modelling

To predict a tool's log response in advance, build the earth model of the formations you are drilling and easily model resistivity effects: shoulder effects, polarization horns and anisotropy

Absolute Vendor Independence —
14+ Vendors. 44 Resistivity Tools. 400 Modelled Logs.


StarSteer's Auto Steer Tool makes geosteering easy. It's machine learning algorithm is trained on 1000s of wells across numerous reservoirs.
Why Automatic Geosteering?
Unbiased Second Opinion

Every geologist has a pre-drill bed model in mind. Sometimes it is wrong. Have Auto Steer provide you a completely unbiased interpretation.

Large Resteer Projects

Recently acquired new acreage? Cut your resteer time by 80% and get your results quicker!


Set up a WITSML connection and monitor Auto Steer from your phone using the StarLite app.

Geosteering Spectrum

Geosteering Spectrum generates a statistical solution of all possible geosteering interpretation scenarios. The hot streak identifies a specific formation top.

Automatic Formation Top Picking

Quickly and easily take formation tops from one well and automatically pick the same tops across any number of wells in your correlation panel

Double Accuracy with Integrated Geosteering Approaches

Developed for complex and simple reservoirs with basic MWD tools.

Model-Based Approach

Easily project your typelog signature across your horizontal well creating synthetic logs that update dynamically as the bed model is changed. Compare to your real-time MWD for correlation.

Synthetic logs can be generated for pre-job well planning and post-well completions planning.

Stratigraphy-Based Approach

Complex structure? Lateral heterogeneity in your reservoir?

Strat-Based geosteering takes MWD data and projects it against an offset vertical log for correlation in True Vertical Thickness scale. Identify changes in reservoir by using a "steering on itself" approach as log data begins to wrap on itself when cutting through the same section twice! The geologic bed model builds itself based on the correlation.

Built-In Python Module

A fully functional tool which can directly access and manipulate all of the data and objects within StarSteer to conduct any petrophysical, geosteering, drilling and analytical operations

Send us a request for writing new scripts, or design your own to take your data analytics to the next level
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Multi-well Geosteering

Build several interpretations from multiple offset wells within one lateral well to find the best correlation and compare different scenarios

Mapping & Gridding

Update structural grids in real time based on high resolution geosteered data to have actual map in time

Seismic Module

New seismic module includes the ability to upload data in SEG-Y format via Solo Cloud.

Using seismic while geosteering a lateral well will minimizes uncertainties in detecting the top of the target horizon, determine the position, nature and amplitude of faults and will help to predict any possible lithological and structural changes.

Drilling Integrations

Forge a direct connection between Well Seeker Pro and StarSteer through this robust integration.

The dynamic data exchange facilitates seamless sharing of vital target line details with Well Seeker Pro. Consequently, Well Seeker Pro accurately generates and seamlessly transmits a new well plan back, providing a comprehensive geosteering visualization directly within StarSteer.
Revolutionize your drilling efficiency with the dynamic integration between SmartNAV and StarSteer.

Unleash the power of seamless integration, allowing the direct exchange of  target line information into SmartNAV. Watch as SmartNAV crafts and transmits a precision drilling path, complete with recommended slide and rotation intervals, back into StarSteer.

Additional StarSteer Features

StarSteer is not only for geosteering.
Correlation Panel

Visualize logs,  pick formation tops and correlate them from well to well in order to trace geological changes. Use geosteering interpretations and TVT scale to correlate laterals with higher accuracy.

Well Planning

Simple. Fast. Robust. Incorporate offset wells, geosteering interpretations, grids, seismic to create new well plans. Easily constrain well plans through DLS constraints.

Integration with INNOVA Well Seeker presents a streamlined and efficient solution for collaborative well planning. Read More Here! 

Complex reservoir geometry?

StarSteer can model any and all reservoir geometries. Move away from simple layer cake geology and build representative cross-sections that reflect the data accurately.

The Thickness Change Tool models pinch outs, onlaps, offlaps, truncations, unconformities and more!

3D Geomodels

3D models can be a great visual aid when geosteering or planning upcoming wells. Import from any 3rd party geoscience package using drag & drop.

Petrel Plugin

Data can be directly exported from StarSteer to Petrel and vice versa. Save time when building a new project by bulk migrating all of your data. Lateral well trajectories, logs, tops, typelogs, geosteering interpretations, horizons, faults are supported.

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