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Tuesday, September 17th,
10:30 AM CDT.
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The GWC is an annual competition that brings together geologists from around the world to showcase their skills in steering unconventional and conventional wells.

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the 2024 Geosteering World Cup! Please join me and several special guests as we livestream the competition and talk about rocks, technology, and energy.

Julian Chenin, Host GWC
Julian Chenin, Host GWC

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Participants steer both unconventional and conventional wells located in new basins using new tools. The judging criteria will be based on the average success score, comprising 75% In Zone Percentage and 25% Rate of Penetration (ROP).


Competitors will face challenges such as reduced ROP during sliding sections, with different degrees of aggressiveness affecting the duration of slides in MD space. Microsteering and roller coaster interpretations should be avoided to maximize success.

AI Integration

GWC introduces the RO-GPT AI droid, showcasing the evolving partnership between human geosteerers and artificial intelligence. Attendees can  explore the transformative potential of AI-human collaboration in the field.


The competition emphasizes consistent high-level performance, with one Geosteering World Cup Champion and four regional prizes to be awarded based on performance.

Geosteering World Cup 2023

Previous Winners

Hall of fame

Phillip Szymcek
Anton Zyabkin
Karma Doescher
Othman Elhelou
Sean Palmer
Team Pineapple
(Ryan Nostrud, Samantha Tracy,
Felicia Moran, Stephen Clark)

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When will the Geosteering World Cup take place?

The Geosteering World Cup will consist of a one-day event taking place on September 17th 2024 (Worldwide) from 10:30 – ~1:00 PM CDT. Please look below for other region times.

Who can participate in this event?

The Geosteering World Cup is a free event open to everyone to participate. Participants will be divided up by regions depending on their country of residence.

What is the regional breakdown?

We have broken down the competition into 4 regions, they are as follows: North America, Latin America, Europe, & Middle East/Asia/Oceania. Competitors from all regions can compete in either heat during the opening round as is more convenient for them.

How will the cup be conducted?

The cup will be hosted on ROGII’s Solo Cloud Platform using ROGII’s StarSteer Geosteering Software. At 10:30 AM CDT, the competition will go live for the following regions: North America and Latin America. Please see below for Europe & Middle East competition times. Competitors are encouraged to have logged into their accounts prior to the competition to identify any issues. Once the event begins competitors will have 2 hours to steer 2 wells, 1 conventional & 1 unconventional. The basins these wells are generated from will be announced prior to the event starting.

Can I participate if I don’t have a StarSteer license?

Absolutely, we designed this competition to be open to everyone. If you do not have StarSteer installed on your computer or an expired license we will provide you with a temporary license key to practice before the competition & participate in the event.

Is there a difference per region?

There are no differences between regions however the wells steered in the two different heats will be different as they are not happening simultaneously. Users from all regions can compete in either heat as is convenient for them. In the final all competitors will be competing with each other directly using the same data.

What data will be used for the competition?

We will be using synthetic data for the competition generated from current public data. The basins which will be drilled in the competition will be announced prior to the event starting.

How will I be scored?

Participants will be scored on a combination of 2 factors: highest percentage drilled in the Target Zone and average ROP. Each participant will receive their composite score as well as the solution after each well is completed.

How will my scores be compared to other participants?

Participants will receive their individual composite score for each well, their overall placement in the round, & position within the competitor pool.

What tools are expected to be used during the GWC?

Tools used during the competition for the conventional well include, but aren't limited to, MWD & LWD data. The competition may include steering with additional LWD data besides gamma.

Can you teach me how to geosteer?

Unfortunately, due to the large number of registrants we cannot teach participants in an individual manner. We will provide resources to learn on your own & provide technical assistance via email up to a week before the competition. If you are interested in learning more about our software or geosteering make sure to keep an eye out for our future ROGII U Geosteering courses & webinars.

What can I do to practice before the competition?

A project will be released 2 weeks before the competition using elements like those displayed in the Cup. Completion of this project is not mandatory to participate in the event. You will also have access to StarSim, our geosteering simulator, when you receive StarSteer access.

When will the Competition briefing occur?

ROGII will host multiple briefings to ensure all participants have StarSteer installed & are ready for the competition.

When will I be notified if I make it in the top ten?

Participants that have made it to the top ten will receive a notification by email on the day of the competition, September 17th.

When will the winner be announced?

The Geosteering World Cup Champion will be announced on September 17th, 2024 at the end of the live stream as well as on LinkedIn &

Will my scores be published publicly?

No, the only scores that will be made available to the public via social media and our website are those of the World Champion & Regional Winners. After the competition has been completed, we will list the top 10 finishers in order of rank. However, you are free to publish your scores & share them publicly as you wish. If for some reason you wish to compete anonymously, please contact us directly and we can have that arranged.

What are the competition times?

North America
i.Houston, TX: 10:30 AM (CDT)
ii.Denver, CO: 9:30 AM (MDT)
iii.Calgary, AB: 9:30 AM (MDT)
iv.Pittsburgh, PA: 11:30 AM (EDT)

Latin America
i.Buenos Aires, AR: 12:30 PM (ART)
ii.Mexico City, MX: 10:30 AM (CDT)

i.Moscow, RU: 2:00 PM (MSK)
ii.Paris, FR: 5:30 PM (CEST)
iii.Hamburg, DE: 5:30 PM (CEST)
iv.Oslo, NO: 5:30 PM (CEST)

Middle East/Asia/Oceania
i.Abu Dhabi, UAE: 7:30 PM (GST)
ii.Doha, QA: 6:30 PM (AST)
iii.Dhahran, SA: 6:30 PM (AST)
iv.Perth, AU: 11:30 PM (AWST)

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can email us at for any further questions.

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Whether you are a professional geosteerer, or it’s your first time attending the GWC, we invite you to participate in the world-wide competition. If you have questions, please see our FAQ section, or contact us below.

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