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Paloma Resources Identifies Efficiency Gains After Deploying ROGII’s Solo Cloud!

Paloma Resources Identifies Efficiency Gains After Deploying ROGII’s Solo Cloud!

Oct 20, 2022

Houston, Texas (October 20th, 2022).

ROGII has an innate ability to identify tomorrow’s problems and address them today. Before the oil and gas industry identified the need to increase collaboration, ROGII was working on a solution that would break down the walls and change the game for operators. It didn’t take long for clients, like Paloma Resources, LLC, to grasp the value of SoloCloud (powered by AWS) and deploy it for their drilling operations.

Harrison Ohls,Geologist at Paloma Resources, LLC states “ROGII’s Solo Cloud has been incredibly helpful for our operations geology team. Before Solo Cloud, our team had to spend time sending data and projects back and forth between users, which required many steps to format and compress the data properly. With Solo, we now have easy access to a single project in the cloud. The flow of data between all geologists working on a project is seamless and instantaneous, allowing for different users to compare their ideas and interpretations with others.”

Harrison touches on another very important aspect of Solo Cloud aside from collaboration and that is the data being stored in a single database. Not only is Solo Cloud breaking down the walls for colleagues to collaborate, but their data is now integrated as well. This opens the door far beyond the immediate task at hand by allowing corporations to look at all of the data together to identify trends they may not have identified before.

Harrison continues, “SoloCloud has been helpful in unexpected areas as well. For example, our IT group needs to make constant adjustments and upgrades to our office computer network,which requires a network shutdown. In the past, because our StarSteer project was stored on that network, we would have to coordinate IT’s maintenance withour operations. This downtime was inefficient and could potentially contribute to an issue with drilling. Now that everything is on the cloud with AWS, this is no longer an issue.”

Based in Houston, TX,Paloma Resources is not new to hurricanes or flooding. “This inclement weather can cause power outages at our offices and shut down our network. Before ourdata was on the cloud, we were always at risk of losing our data access during these storms; if this happened while drilling a well, it could be disastrous. It’s one extra reason why we are glad we made the switch to Solo,” continues Harrison.

Because of Solo Cloud and AWS, our clients can work without the risk of losing their data. It is ourgoal at ROGII to provide our clients with state-of-the-art software solutions that they are happy with. “We couldn’t be happier with our upgrade to StarSteer and Solo Cloud and suggest that anyone debating about making the switch to go ahead and make the plunge. It’s worth it,” confirms Harrison.