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Solo Cloud Replaces Dated Drilling Operation Workflows!

Solo Cloud Replaces Dated Drilling Operation Workflows!

Nov 5, 2022

Houston, Texas (November 5, 2022)

A large operator in Houston deployed ROGII’s Solo Cloud three years ago in one of their many asset teams to evaluate collaborative, cloud-based workflows for their geologic operations team. Solo Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services with complete disaster recovery and business continuity protocols audited annually by the accredited SOC 2 Type 2 certification process.

Changing existing workflows in large operators, especially for real-time operations where any mistake can cost millions, is always a difficult task. However, the operator realized that their existing workflows,communication and data storage mechanisms had reached the limits and had great potential to be optimized through evolving cloud solutions and technology. Their introduction of Solo Cloud was largely focused on streamlining communication and data flow.

Prior to deploying Solo Cloud, typical communication mechanisms revolved around emails, PDFs, Microsoft Teams Messaging, WhatsApp,SMS and more. These channels of communication came into existence organicall yover many years. With increasing rigs, the operator realized that bits and pieces of information were scattered across multiple platforms that were not queryable, secure, archivable and ultimately not centrally manageable.  

While drilling, real-time data was being streamed from the rig into cloud based WITSML servers to be distributed to the various end user sat the operator office. However, the data ended up in individual projects stored locally on the operator’s disk space. Multiple rigs could be within the same square mile and yet, data still was siloed into individual projects on users’ computer.

The operator realized the potential in centralizing all data in one cloud location, enabling true, real-time collaborative interpretation workflows with mobile and web apps for seamless communication with all stakeholders.

After implementing Solo Cloud, real-time WITSML data was streamed directly into Solo Cloud’s series of databases (PostgreSQL, S3,ClickHouse and more). The data is instantly available to multiple operations geologist and drillers with advanced conflict resolution if a single dataset is edited simultaneously by multiple users. This collaborative environment drastically cut down on manual PDF reports, long phone calls and messaging threads. Communication was centralized through ROGII’s native cloud apps.Geologist, drillers, service companies, and managers were all able to view the same dataset from their computer, web browser, or native phone app ensuring that hazards are avoided in a timely manner.

Since the implementation in the single asset, the operator now has standardized all their assets’ drilling operation workflows in Solo Cloud. The data is centrally managed with full decision and change logs readilyavailable. Furthermore, the operator has direct access to their large volume ofdata in 3rd party analytical solutions like Spotfire and PowerBI for customized analytics through API and PythonSDK connections.