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Geosteering World Cup Finalists

Geosteering World Cup Finalists

Nov 16, 2020

We'd like to publicly congratulate our finalists for the North America and Latin America region.

Tune in tomorrow to see the finals and see what Region takes home the Geosteering World Cup!


The event goes live tomorrow at 11:00 AM CST! If it's anything like the semi-finals, you definitely won't want to miss it!


To watch the live event click Here.


Here's a full list of the Finalists competing in tomorrow's World Cup


North American Finalists

Evans Darkwa: Evans works at Diversified Well Logging, LLC he has 15 years of work experience as a Geologist. He enjoys reading and is a soccer fan.

Kevin Pelton: Kevin has 10 years of work experience. He enjoys camping and playing board games with friends.

Mike Bodnar: Mike works at Cabra Consulting in Calgary. He has 8 years of work experience and enjoys rock licking and collecting chopsticks.

Ethan Cook: Ethan works at Antero Resources and he has 1.5 years of geosteering experience. He enjoys spearfishing and playing chess.

Patrick Tobin: Pat works at Oxy and has 10.5 years of work experience. He enjoys playing basketball and eating pasta.

Brad Moon: Brad has 40 years of experience and is currently working as a Consultant. He enjoys hiking mountains, singing, and politics.

“Mystery”: Works at Matador Resources.

Chris Bender: Chris works at Gordon Technologies LLC. He has 13 years of work experience in M/LWD and the last 9 in geosteering. He enjoys flying drones commercially, learning Python for data engineering, and taking cybersecurity classes.

Jeremy Kassouf: Jeremy works at Chevron and he has 12 years of work experience. He enjoys whitewater kayaking, rafting, live music, and attending music festivals.

Kevin Glass: Kevin has 5 years of work experience in Oil & Gas. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking, etc.

Tyler Shade: Tyler works at Raptor Consulting and has 4 years of work experience and enjoys skiing and cycling.

Kevin Strode: Kevin has 10 years of work experience. He enjoys spending time with his daughters, reading fantasy novels, and building stuff in Minecraft with his daughter.

Karma Doescher: Karma is the Director of Geosteering at MCWL Paladin Geological. She has 6 years of experience in Geosteering, Operations, and Mudlogging. Her hobbies include coddiwompling and working on her top-secret invention.

Jesse Merchant: Jesse works at Calyx Energy III, LLC and has 11 years of work experience. He loves any excuse to be outside.

Jacob Leader: Jacob has been at Cimarex Energy for 6 years. He enjoys pottery and playing tennis.

Bill Honsaker: Bill is a Geologist with 9 years of work experience. He enjoys road/gravel cycling.

Jon Krystinik: Jon is an Independent Geosteering Geologist with 20 years of E&P experience. He has steered over 1,000 horizontal wells and enjoys family, autocross, and spending time out on the outcrop.

Dakota Kubler: Dakota Kubler is a Geosteering Consultant he enjoys fantasy football and hiking.

Ryan Rambo: Ryan is an Operations Geologist at WPX Energy.

“Enigma”: Player 97 works at Matador Resources.

Bill Larzelere: Bill works at Continental Resources has 8 years of work experience and enjoys playing soccer as a hobby.

Nicholaus Driscoll: Nicholaus has 8 years of work experience and enjoys woodworking.

Christopher Padilla: Chris has 10 years of work experience and currently works as a Freelance Operations Geologist. He enjoys playing guitar and camping.

Katrina Ostrowicki: Katrina Ostrowicki has 8 years of experience working at Chevron as a geologist, with 2 years of that being a Geosteering Specialist. She has experience geosteering Marcellus, Utica, Permian Basin, and Vaca Muerta wells. Her hobbies include aerial silks, fostering dogs from the local Houston animal shelter, and hiking with her fiancé and foster dog.

Sarah Regen: Sarah works at GeoVision as Geosteering Manager. She has 8 years of experience and enjoys cheesemaking and studying for her grad school classes.

Matt Minnett: Matt is employed at Shell Canada Ltd., has 6 years of Geosteering experience and enjoys hockey, hiking, and camping.

Christopher Perry: Chris works at Ovintiv.

Ghazanfar Zahid: Ghazanfar has 20 years of work experience in the oil and gas industry, 15 of those years were spent providing geosteering services for Haliburton and Baker Hughes. He enjoys hiking and swimming.

Danica Watson: Danica has been at Cimarex since March as a Geosteering Specialist. Before that, she was at Apache for 3 years as an Operations Geologist and Geosteerer. Prior to that she worked at Chesapeake as a Geosteerer for 2 years. She has over 6 years of work experience and enjoys reading, play trivia, hiking, and skiing.

Jason Harms: Jason has 9 years of work experience and enjoys skiing and mountain biking.


Latin America Finalists


Andrés Damián Askenazi Vera: Andrés is a Geologist with ten years of experience in the oil industry, mainly in unconventional projects, and the last ones developing Geosteering tasks. He enjoys traveling to mountainous areas and nature reserves as well as trail running.

Jorge Ramón Miguel Estrade: Jorge has 5 years of work experience as a Wellsite Geologist. He enjoys camping and cycling.

Andrea Infante: Andrea is a Geologist with 8 years in the oil and gas industry. She started her career in mining and has since dedicated her time working on geosteering projects in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. She enjoys any outside activities like trekking, nature, and swimming.

Noelia Caterina Di Giuseppe: Noelia has 3.5 years of work experience and enjoys singing and reading novels.