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URTeC (The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference) 2024 Event

URTeC (The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference) 2024 Event

Jun 26, 2024

URTeC 2024

Team ROGII had a wonderful time showcasing our comprehensive geoscience solutions at URTeC 2024 this month. From our flagship product, StarSteer, to our newest drilling and monitoring optimization software, DrillSpot, we were thrilled to share our innovations with the industry.

Our booth buzzed with excitement, and what attracted people's attention was Team ROGII showcasing the future of geosteering with our StarLite Pro App on the Apple Vision Pro.

A couple of URTeC highlights include special presentations by Daniel Wessel, CEO of Innova Drilling & Intervention Ltd,  as well as partners from TGS and Petro.Ai alongside Julian Chenin, our Strategic Integrations and Partnerships Lead. They demonstrated how we bring harmony to drilling and geoscience data communication with our Target Line/Well Plan Integration featuring a U-Zontal well example.

Key highlights of the event

  • Integration with Directional Drilling Software: Accepting target lines from StarSteer, updating well plans, and synchronizing everything in real-time
  • Connecting Snowflake and Spotfire with ROGII Products: Moving large databases  to and from Snowflake while leveraging Spotfire for powerful analytics to enhance decision-making.
  • End-to-End Field Development Workflow: Demonstrating a complete workflow with various applications like TGS and in under an hour, showcasing software interoperability.

We are immensely grateful to other presenters for their presentations.

Asal Rahimi Zeynal, Product Owner, TGS

Andrew Stearns, Product Owner, TGS

Charles Connell, Petro.Ai

Kyle LaMotta, VP of Analytics, Petro.Ai

Daniel Wessel, CEO of Innova Drilling & Intervention

Finally, the final day by announcing the winner of our stylish ROGII Golf Bag, Ryan Givan from Matador.

Thank you once again to everyone who joined us at URTeC 2024.

See you next year! 👋

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