Solo DTM

Mar 17, 2020

Hello Solo users!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest Solo module, the cloud-based Data Manager. Developed to help our clients manage the large volumes of data that can be associated with drilling operations, the Data manager helps to easily store, sort, filter and manage all of your data through global and virtual projects. Keep virtual projects light, task-specific and restrict user access, while still syncing to the global project database.

Typical use / Workflow:

Create Global projects to house the large regional projects and the vast amounts of data they contain. Then create splinter Virtual Projects which will allow you to easily share as much or as little data from the much larger Global projects.

No need to worry about synchronizing any changes made in Virtual or Global Projects, since it’s a part of the Solo family, any changes made are automatically synchronized and uploaded in real-time.

More information can always be found on our online knowledge base at:

Data Manager KB Manual

Who’s it for?

Geologists, Engineers, Supervisors, Management, Geotech’s as well as any 3rd party service providers.

Where can I access it?

For clients who are currently subscribed to Solo, the Data Manager can be accessed at:

(Access is restricted to the following Solo Roles: Manager, Data Manager and Power Interpreter)