Seismic in StarSteer

Nov 3, 2022

StarSteer 2022.2 includes a new seismic module with the ability to upload data in SEG-Y format via Solo Cloud.

• Users can now load 3D,depth-converted seismic volumes into Solo Cloud for display in Starsteer

• Drag’n’Drop toload large SEGY files with ease

• Seismic data is compressed to workseamlessly on the cloud with OpenVDSLibrary

• Seismic slices are projected usingthe same functionality as grids:

- along well trajectory

- along VS azimuth plane

- both VS and THL scale

Each user can now use seismic and build geosteering models within one software package that can:

1.   Eliminate the need to use multiple software programs for processing heterogeneous information

2.   Assess lithology and the nature of reservoir dips concurrent with geosteering the well

3.   Expedite the decision-making process for adjusting the direction while drilling wells