Introducing Starlite Rewind!!

Oct 12, 2021

Following up on the new 2021.2 StarSteer release, we have an exciting new feature in StarLite we call Rewind. Rewind Mode lets you look back on your well's geosteering history to better understand how those important geosteering decisions were made.

To view the history, click the Rewind button and click play to run the movie, or choose a specific date and time along the timeline to look at a snapshot of your well. Your selected revision time, or snapshot, corresponds to what shows up in your object tree, cross-section view, and what logs existed in your horizontal and vertical tracks, at a specific point in time.

Other new features in StarLite and Solo include:

  • Pdf Report generation with the click of a button while in Rewind Mode
  • Zone Statistics header in the x-section window. Hover your mouse over the top-right corner of the cross-section window and click the button to expand the header. In Custom View, specify your Target Line and Horizon data from the dropdown menus.
  • Faster Solo project loading times
  • Improved Solo security
  • And more!