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ROGII at CMP 2024 (Congreso Mexicano Del Petroleo)

ROGII at CMP 2024 (Congreso Mexicano Del Petroleo)

Arquímedes Vargas, Geosteering Analyst
Jul 9, 2024

CMP 2024

Team ROGII recently had the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo (CMP), a key event in the oil and gas industry. This year's CMP brought together leading professionals, innovators, and companies to discuss the latest advancements and share groundbreaking technologies. As always, ROGII was at the forefront, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the field.

Key highlights of the event

  • Rig Data Aggregator: We demonstrated how SoloBox's solution enables custom mnemonics and easily convert unit. This functionality provides seamless data integration and management.
  • Real-Time Geoscience Workflow: We showcased how the workflow in StarSteer enables proactive decision-making in determining the casing point depth and how StarSteer provides the necessary tools for making trajectory adjustments, ensuring optimal landing and proactive geosteering.
  • Integration of Geology with Drilling Parameters: We illustrated how integrating the interpretation of historical wells with geology in DrillSpot delivers optimal parameters to achieve higher ROP (Rate of Penetration). This integration enhances drilling efficiency and accuracy.

Team ROGII had the pleasure of collaborating together with Pemex on a methodology that integrates seismic inversion with geosteering technology from the initial stage of trajectory design, real-time monitoring and post-drilling analysis.

Thank you once again to everyone who joined us at CMP 2024.

See you next year! 👋