Rogii works remotely

Mar 23, 2020

The past 2 weeks have been difficult times for the world, including the oil and gas industry. During these times it's vital that we all stay connected and provide support to our loved ones while getting through this crisis as a community, as we have done many times before. Oil Patch Strong is a phrase that has been proven out time and again.

To ensure our employees' safety and well-being, ROGII has moved all of its 7 offices to full remote work. By taking advantage of modern cloud solutions, such as Google Drive, Atlassian, and our own Solo Cloud, business continuity has not been affected. Team meetings are held via webcam, hours (and sanity) are saved daily by not sitting in traffic, and lunches are shared with our family. We are in the middle of a generational defining moment but as always, we will pull through, and become stronger and wiser.

Stay strong and healthy!